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Mintiml Battle The Cubes
Mintiml Battle The Cubes
Mintiml Battle The Cubes
Mintiml Battle The Cubes
Mintiml Battle The Cubes
Mintiml Battle The Cubes
Mintiml Battle The Cubes
Mintiml Battle The Cubes

Mintiml Battle The Cubes

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Mintiml Battle The Cubes

  • The coolest fast-paced brain teaser game not to be missed!

    Shake! Slide! And solve! It is a fast-paced, 2 player game that gets both your heart and fingers racing. Challenge your friends to a game to put your skills, speed, and dexterity to the test!

  • ✔️Get your brain and fingers racing
  • ✔️Builds skills, reflexes & dexterity
  • ✔️Challenge your friends and family
  • ✔️Develop spatial relationships skills
  • Get ready to have lots of fun!

    Consisting of 48 colored tiles with a frame and a scrambler, get this set to make the best out of family time.

Product Descriptions

  • Shake, think, slide, and win!
  • In this classic twist on the brain-busting fun of the Mintiml Battle The Cubes, opponents must slide their tiles the fastest and arrange them to match the cubes in the scrambler.
  • Set up the game with the frame standing straight up in the middle and then give the scrambler a good shake so all the cubes land into their nine-by-nine grid.
  • It's time to START SOLVING!
  • Racing fast, players must slide the different colored squares just right so that the middle nine match the cubes in the scrambler.
  • Solve it? QUICK! - Slam the frame down onto your tiles so it reveals just the nine that match the scrambler - That's it! You've won!
  • Fast-paced, intensely challenging, and never boring, Mintiml Battle The Cubes is a brilliant competition for all the brilliant thinkers in your family.

Package Contents


Material ABS
Product Weight
  • 0.4kg
Suitable For
  • Perfect for family, friends playing together
Package Contents
  • Game Disc × 2
  • Connection Framework × 1
  • Scrambler × 1
  • 48pcs Magic Block
  • Instructions × 1


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  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.


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